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The Scents of Seduction - Scents that bring back memories

The full video of our first edition of Los Aromas de la Seduccion: The Scents of Seduction is now available in our YouTube Channel. It was a lovely evening among couples and friends. The activity took place at Sushi Market San Roman @sushimarketsr, a Japanese and Thai restaurant, on February 26, 2019. There, people had the chance to enjoy delicious sushirolls and a fabulous wine tasting from Santa Carolina Vineyard @carolinawines. Thw wine tasting was led by the renowned Venezuelan Somelier Belkis Croquer @belkiscroquer and ENT Doctor Sajidxa Mariño @sajidxa_marino along with Miguel Zambrano @zambranomiguel, communications advisor and expert on public speaking.

The evening was perfect to explore and effective communication, the influence of scents and sensorineural mechanisms that are activated through smell and taste. For dessert, the sweet touch was brought by Sander Koenen @sanderchocolatier and his exclusive bonbons; our partners @decofruta also gave us a surprise. Luis Ernesto Serrano @lui.ser delighted the people with his music

We also want to thank to our partner @zonaburgervzla in charge of the catering service during bringing delicious hamburgers to our staff members.

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In Respira Libre Centro de Otorrinolaringologia y Cirugia Laser en Consultorio, amongst our objectives is to create spaces that expand quality of life. Under this orientation, at the beginning of 2018 we created the cycle of speeches: Respirar y Degustar los Aromas. “We reinforce education and reiterate the importance of knowing the physiology of breathing when tasting, to appreciate a good drink or food, in a proper place and thus to add pleasing memories for the olfactory sensorial memory”.


The Scents of Seduction

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