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Currently, the nasal obstruction surger y is made on the side wall of the nose, precisely in the turbinate. Previously, the only therapeutic approach to treat nasal obstructions and turbinate hypertrophy was in the operating room.

The procedure with diode’s laser in office is a technique created by Dr. Mariño, which seeks to offer an alternative to any respiratory problem that some of her patients present.

This technique offers a quick, efficient and effective intervention, as it only requires a previous preparation with anesthesia in cottons that are introduced in the nose, it does not requires post-surgery rest and the patient can follow immediately his/her daily routine.

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Dr. Sajidxa Mariño

  • Venezuelan otolaryngologist graduated from Central University of Venezuela (UCV), Domingo Luciani Hospital 1998,
  • Specialist in Nose and Paranasal Sinus Endoscopic Surgery, with specialization studies in France, Italy, Spain, USA and Colombia.
  • Speaker in medical area and entrepreneurship in health area.
  • Author of diverse publications in both national and international magazines.
  • Founder and Coordinator of actualization courses for ORL residents around the country (2007-2017).
  • Former President of Sociedad Venezolana de Otorrinolaringologia (term 2015-2018).
  • Pioneer in use of laser surgery in office with presentation at Global Scientific Conferences in Dubai, UAE, March 2017. Her own technique for the surgery of turbinate hypertrophy with diode’s laser with topic anesthesia in 500 patients.
  • Founder of Respira Libre Centro de Otorrinolaringología Cirugía Láser en Consultorio.
Dra Sajidxa Mariño

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