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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually patients asked me how long do they have to rest after the intervention with diode’s laser in office. Actually, they can reintegrate to their daily activities and training the same day. Dr. Sajidxa Mariño

Advantages of Laser Surgery in Office:

-It is a quick procedure.
-It does not cause either pain or bleeding.
-Plugs are not applied afterwards, it is outpatient.
-It does not require either hospitalization or extended resting. It can be performed both in children and adults.

¿This treatment can be performed in pregnant women?

The procedure with diode laser is an excellent alternative to pregnant women who have nasal obstruction. This technique is quick, does not cause either pain or bleeding, does not require either hospitalization or extended resting and more importantly it is harmless for the baby.

¿When to apply nasal irrigation?

Keep the nose clean with nasal irrigation with isotonic solution of sea water with spray valve before going to bed and also when waking up in the morning or when one is exposed to solid particles in the environment such as dust, pollen, city smog, haze or soot generated in factories, hearth, burnt or fires.Dr. Sajidxa Mariño

¿What illnesses can be treated with Diode´s Laser in Office?

In Respira Libre we solve the nasal obstruction and snoring problems with the technology of diode’s laser. For patients with: turbinate hypertrophy, nasal polyps, redundant palate, middle otitis, barotrauma in the ear, allergic rhinitis among others.

¿What should I use for nasal irrigation?

The nasal irrigation with a physiologic solution of isotonic sea water with spray valve is one of the best ways to clear the nose from allergens of the environment; making a proper hygiene and keeping the moisture.

Do not make yourself nasal irrigation with irritating agents, neither eucalyptus, mint nor a handful of salt, since all of those only produce much more mucus and at the end all mucosal nasal structures are sweep.Dr. Sajidxa Mariño

¿How an athlete must breathe while training?

To improve your physical performance when doing sporting activities it is recommended:

-Always breathe through the nose.
-Do not breathe too quickly because you can hyperventilate and faint.
-Do not hold your breath during too much time.
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