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In Respira Libre Centro de Otorrinolaringologia y Cirugia Laser en Consultorio, amongst our objectives is to create spaces that expand quality of life. Under this orientation, at the beginning of 2018 we created the cycle of speeches: Respirar y Degustar los Aromas.
“We reinforce education and reiterate the importance of knowing the physiology of breathing when tasting, to appreciate a good drink or food, in a proper place and thus to add pleasing memories for the olfactory sensorial memory”.
The meetings started in February, with the seducing world of wine escorted by VINARTE @vinartexxi located at Trasnocho Cultural Paseo Las Mercedes, Caracas, guided by sommelier Belkis Croquer @belkiscroquer and the otolaryngologist Sajidxa Mariño @sajidxa_marino. At Respira Libre YouTube channel is the video of Respirar y Degustar los Aromas del Vino.
In March 2018 the doors of Centro Respira Libre headquarters opened to the media, who enjoyed the dynamics prepared to explain them the importance of the sense of smell for tasting and better appreciation of coffee. We had the participation of Jannina Pojan @lacoffeeteacher, certified barista by Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and director of Escuela Venezolana del Café @escueladelcafe; Dr. Sajidxa Mariño and the special participation of Sander Koenen, master chocolatier creator of @sanderchocolatier. See the video here.

Respirar y Degustar los Aromas del Ron y Chocolate was presented in April, at Trasnocho Lounge of Paseo Las Mercedes, Caracas, guided by sommelier Belkis Croquer @belkiscroquer, the otolaryngologist Sajidxa Mariño and master chocolatier Sander Koenen @sanderchocolatier. See the video here.

The fourth meeting was in June with Respirar y Degustar los Aromas del Cocuy Pecayero, one of the exclusive Venezuelan products with DO certification – Designation of Origin. The appointment was at the Art Gallery InvemtArte @ml_arte located at Altamira urbanization, Caracas. The guide was in charge of gastronomic specialist Jesus Nieves Montero, with 13 years of experience and editor of portal Esnobismo Gourmet @esnobgourmet; accompanied by otolaryngologist Sajidxa Mariño, director of Centro Respira Libre, architect Jose Gabriel Venta, ambassador by settlement and conviction of @cocuypecayero, together with the undertakings of allied brands like Cazabes Yekuana @cazabe_ve, goat cheese of @cataogourmet and the tuna steak of Atun Euskal @atuneuskalanz. The event was hosted by Shia Bertoni @uncafeconshia.
In July we had two different events which were presented at Complexion Estudios wellbeing integral centre @complexionvzla. The first meeting presented the elegance of tea and its legendary tradition accompany by the aromas and taste of chocolate. Respirar y Degustar los Aromas Te y Chocolate was another enjoyable moment to share with first line professionals like expert tea David Hernandez, creator of @cocoteandwine; Dr. Sajidxa Mariño in health concepts in the area of ORL and Francisco Orellana – Duarte Baez @maisonfrancorell, chemistry engineer, specialist in the processing of chocolate.
The second meeting was around four brands that have made a name in Venezuelan culinary world. Respirar y Degustar los Aromas Cerveza Artesanal & Embutidos had the artisan beer @mitobrewhouse with its ambassador Sommelier Yolimel Roa. The drink was accompanied by the cold meats of the recognized brand @lamontserratina presented by our grill chef Alexander Betancourt @arquitectoalaparrilla; plus the finest chocolates created by Sander Koenen, Dutch patissier chocolatier chef @sanderchocolatier and the traditional crispiness of cazabitos @CazabesYekuana_ve. Again, the Otolaryngologist Sajidxa Mariño by @respiralibre explained the functioning of the smell sense and respiratory health, together with the wine and distilled specialist Jesus Nieves Montero, as guide and gastronomic communicator of its website Esnobismo Gourmet @esnobgourmet.

All the events had always being conducted by the ambassador of Centro Respira Libre, the social communicator Shia Bertoni, host and executive producer of radio show @uncafeconshia.

And to close the cycle during the year 2018, on November 30 the seventh edition was held with Respirar y Degustar los Aromas del Ceviche, in the prestigious spaces of D.O.C Restaurant @docrestaurant located in the first cross section of Los Palos Grandes, Caracas.

The differentiating element for that opportunity was that the participants experimented with interactive cooking to learn how to cook and appreciate the aromas and flavors of ceviche. The audience was guided by the chef Álvaro García @ alvaromartinez4372 chef of DOC Restaurant, together with the comments of the gastronomic communicator Jesús Nieves Montero @elproximojuego editor of the portal Esnobismo Gourmet @esnobgourmet speaker and producer of the gastronomic space on TNO Radio, Esnob Gourmet Radio . The added value was the guide in the olfactory sensory experience with Dr. Sajidxa Mariño @sajidxa_marino. All the events have always had the leadership of the Ambassador of the Respira Libre Center, the social communicator Shia Bertoni @shiabertoni, announcer and executive producer of the radio space @uncafeconshia. See the video here.

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