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Respira Libre is the first Otorrinolaringology Center in the world that offers its patients with a different alternative to respiratory problem and for snoring. For those who cannot enter into operating room due to any medical complication or simply do not want to, those who have any type of reaction to anesthesia or with some diseases like diabetes, clotting problems, hypertension, among others, Respira Libre offers a solution using diode’s laser, anesthesia in cottons and a quick and efficient in office intervention, which neither interrupt their daily routine nor requires any rest, thus improving the quality of life of the patient.

Patients Attended

International presentation of our technique

In March 2017, Mariño was the only Venezuelan invited to the Medical Conferences in Cosmetology, Otolaryngology and Odontology, held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in which she participated with the presentation of a study made with 500 patients:
“Diode’s Laser for in Office Endoscopic Surgery with Topical Anesthesia in Patients with Obstructive Nasal Diagnosis”..

Our technique for athletes

We signed an agreement with the Federacion Venezolana de Atletismo –FVA – [Athletic Venezuelan Federation] (See Video ) to evaluate elite athletes who require the application of our procedure in order to improve their athletic capabilities.
In Respira Libre we have a state-of-the-art tool like the procedure of diode’s laser in office, a totally effective technique, which also helps to keep a scientific data to prove the efficiency of the procedure in athletes.

Patient number 1,000

In March 2018 we celebrate the procedure in patient number 1,000 and several hundreds more have enlarge the statistics to attest the successful results.

That month it was opened the new headquarters of Centro Respira Libre with a more ample and comfortable space. It offers a better attention of nasal problems and favors a good breathing that improves your quality of life.

The Centro de Otolaringologia Respira Libre offers a quick, effective and proven solution through surgery with diode’s laser in office for the following respiratory conditions..

Dra Sajidxa Mariño
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