Respira Libre

To multiply the education in health

In order to transmit educational contents, Respira Libre performs round tables with entrepreneurs in different areas and perform speeches to widen the reach of information, so more people know how they can enjoy a better quality of life, active, healthy and productive by improving their breathing problems and snoring, by means of a quick, effective and proven in hundreds of patients laser procedure in office.

Educational Clips

Respira Libre seeks to educate its patients and general public thru the publication of its Educational Clips, all of it related to existing respiratory conditions, trying not only the patient practice the advises of Dr. Mariño, but also to help recognizing any symptom that the patient or any relative may have.

Chats for the benefit of athletes

In order to encourage education in sports health, in Centro Respira Libre we created an alliance with the Instituto Nacional del Deporte (IND)[National Institute of Sports] to provide knowledge to athletes, coaches and sporting medical staff about breathing for the improvement of their performance as elite athletes. Likewise Dr. Mariño had given speeches to teachers, coaches and athletes in order to spread contents of prevention in nasal health and the adequate technique of breathing according to the sporting discipline.

Education for gastronomy

For tasters, baristas, sommeliers, chefs and any person who cooks or enjoys gastronomy, the sense of smell is essential. For this reason, to these professionals it is paramount to have a healthy respiratory system and to understand the base for the diverse registry in the aromatic palette and the exercises to perform a good taste.

Starting on 2018 and based on these objectives we created the series of meetings “Respirar and Degustar los Aromas” [Breath and Savor the Aromas], with the consolidation of several editions and considerable assisting public who had enjoyed moments of pleasure and quality of life, and also learning educational contents about health.

Promoción de salud respiratoria
Promoción de salud respiratoria

42 Kilometers

We have a space in webpage 42 kilometros, managed by marathon runner Ernesto Linzalata, in which we offer advice and information to athletes about how to improve their performance by means of the good functioning of breathing.

TNO Radio

Respira Libre in radio has a fix space at TNO Radio every Friday at 8:00 am, the first Venezuelan broadcasting web. It is the first health and life quality program at TNO

Retos Info

We created an alliance with the sporting events organizing company Retos Info, to impulse and raise awareness about adequate breathing in Venezuelan runners. As part of the strategies, we sponsored  races.

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