Respira Libre

Ear Nose and Throat : Respira Libre will be presented in Stockholm - ¡Something great in the air!

Ear Nose and Throat Disorders European Conference is another important step for this State-of-the-art technology to treat nasal obstruction with laser surgery in consulting room (office). We are proud to announce that Respira Libre will be presented in Stockholm – Sweden, as a new model of ENT Center with endoscopic laser surgery in consulting room and cotton pledget method for nasal anesthesia to solve nasal obstruction and snoring.

Next May 16th and 17th, Dr. Mariño @sajidxa_marino will attend the European Conference on Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders«, with her work: Diode’s Laser for in office endoscopy surgery center a new type of ENT center exclusive for patients with obstructive nasal diagnosis”. This presentation will be part of the conferences offered by The Current Advacement of Ent Disorders.

Respira Libre is the first Otorrinolaringology Center in the world that offers its patients with a different alternative to respiratory problem and for snoring. For those who cannot enter into operating room due to any medical complication or simply do not want to, those who have any type of reaction to anesthesia or with some diseases like diabetes, clotting problems, hypertension, among others, Respira Libre offers a solution using diode’s laser, anesthesia in cottons and a quick and efficient in office intervention, which neither interrupt their daily routine nor requires any rest, thus improving the quality of life of the patient.

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