Respira Libre


Respira Libre

In order to improve the attention of respiratory health of people, the otolaryngologist Sajidxa Mariño, specialist in endoscopic surgery of nose and paranasal sinus, former president of Sociedad Venezolana de Otorrinolaringologia (2015-2018), in October 2017 opened Centro de Otorrinolaringología “Respira Libre”, laser surgery in office for children and adults.
The process of creation and development of Respiralibre is based on three elements that Sajidxa called D.O.R by its acronym in Spanish, and that means:
  • Decision: on the objective of investing in Venezuela and develop a different care scheme in the otolaryngology medical area, taking advantage of the technique of laser surgery in the office that had been developed.
  • Opportunity: Observe the opportunities of cost, market, and number of patients with the conditions to be attended under an efficient and immediate solution.
  • Reinvention: The Decision and the evaluation of the opportunity determined that a reinvention should be faced in the traditional concept of medical care, but also in the model of treatment of the patient, dissemination of the technique, use of digital means to promote RespiraLibre and the importance of a correct breathing in the different branches and activities of the human being.


To improve the quality of life of people by achieving a proper breathing, by means of an efficient ORL surgery in office, allowing an immediate return to their daily activities.


To be the first Center of ORL Laser Surgery in office at national and international level focused in health, education and quality of life.


Center Respira Libre

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